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Tea Ball Tea Ball

Tea Ball

Stainless steel tea ball is ideal for use with all types of loose tea. Tea ball strainers allow the loose tea leaves to fully expand while steeping.
The attached charm lets the ball hang from your teapot or mug and is easily removable.

*Tea ball pattern will be chosen at random*

: $5.99
Bamboo Tea Strainer Stainless Bamboo Tea Strainer

Why brew tea in a Stainless Bamboo tea Strainer?

When brewing loose tea, timing is crucial. If the leaves sit too long in the water, your tea can become stewy. The trick is to separate the infused leaves from the brewed tea at just the right moment. Strainers make it a snap.

Simply place your tea leaves in the strainer and place it into a cup of boiling water. Remove the strainer after your have brewed for the required time.The fine mesh makes this ideal for use with smaller tea leaves.

Couldn’t be easier.

: $5.99