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The Highest Quality Jasmine Tea

Jasmine infused teas have always been my favorite special occasion tea. I've ordered from some of the finest tea blenders, but this Snow Jasmine beats them all. The fragrance is amazing and the tea has a lovely delicate flavor.

Joanne, Arizona

Light & Refreshing

This is the first one I tried from Green Teahouse, and I still drink it 4 years later! Blueberry can be overpowering in some teas, but not this one. It is just right, and mellowed out with the silver needle. I hope you never stop making this one!.

Robin, Massachusetts


was inspired by a brother and sister's passion for unique and premium teas. Since youth they were enamored with their time-honored Chinese tradition of drinking fresh loose tea. Such love fostered their passion and created a renewed respect and appreciation for their culture. Aspiring to share their heritage and rich knowledge of fine tea, while recognizing America's health awareness they ventured to the Western world.

In 2009, The Green Teahouse was established and opened its first store in Connecticut. The brother-sister team ushered in a new tradition while realizing a childhood dream. Today the fruits of their labor can be enjoyed in America and throughout the world; proudly offering only the finest teas worthy of bearing The Green Teahouse name.

Taste the difference that extraordinary quality and guaranteed freshness can make in your cup!

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