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For untold centuries the Chinese have had ceremonial tea rooms from which the art of drinking tea has become an integral way of life. The spirit of the tea ceremony embodies the basic principles of harmony, respect, purity, appreciation and tranquility. The tea ceremony is a way to focus on mental spirituality, relaxation, and to enjoy a tradition that is thousands of years old. These principles represent the highest ideals of humanity. It is important to reflect on these principles for one's own spiritual growth.

With a cup of tea, and with a mind singly focused on the meaningful values of the tea ceremony, one can acquire a pure and peaceful state of mind, can genuinely appreciate the fine nuances of flavor a tea has to offer, and can recognize tea as an exquisite work of art extending one’s appreciation beyond a mere abstract concept and beyond a simple appeal to the taste buds.

Tea drinking involves each of the five senses. The tea drinker savors the color, fragrance, and finally the taste of the tea, at the same time listening to the swirling of the brew in the cup and feeling the warmth of the filled cup.

Ancient Chinese wisdom states that a love affair with tea can be the beginning of a spiritual awakening.

Note: The tea ceremony lasts for about one hour to one and a half hours. There must be a minimum of four people of age ten or older. All appointments must be booked in advance. Please call (860) 232-6666 for availability or email contact@thegreenteahouse.com.
Cancellation Policy: We kindly ask that all cancellations be made 48 hours in advance. A cancellation fee will apply if a cancellation is made with less notice. If a group arrives later than scheduled, a late fee will also be incurred . Please call (860) 232-6666 for more details.