Why Loose Leaf Tea?

Sometimes customers ask us, "Why doesn't your tea come in bags?" And it's a valid question. Certainly, there's an element of convenience (though with the amount of specialized filters and infusers for loose leaf tea that's hardly an issue) to bagged tea ever since Thomas Lipton invented the now-popular tea bag in 1952. However, there are three significant reasons The Green Teahouse only sells loose leaf tea.

1. Loose Leaf Tea tastes better than Bagged Tea

Because loose leaf tea uses whole or very large pieces of leaves, all the essential oils of the tea leaf are expressed in the water. Bagged tea is largely made of crushed, low quality leaves which doesn't allow the flavor to come through. With all our teas, we use premium ingredients, many are organic.

2. Premium Loose Leaf Tea can be re-steeped

Have you ever tried pouring hot water over an already used, soggy tea bag? It doesn't taste right. Maybe a little bit like murky water. However, many of our teas, especially the high-quality oolongs can be resteeped as many as seven times! And would you believe, it still tastes just as good as the first cup.

3. With Loose Leaf Tea, you know what you're drinking

Have you ever looked at a bag of tea and tried to guess what's actually in there? Unless it's a very basic tea blend, you might not know what you're putting in your body. We know exactly what's in our tea. You can ask us about any of our teas!

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