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Tea Information
Health benefits of tea
White Tea:
Antioxidant-rich. May help prevent cancer & promote healthy skin. Contains anti-aging properties.

Green Tea:
Rich in antioxidants & helps boost the immune system. May help fight chronic diseases and aid in the prevention and future growth of cancer.

Oolong Tea:
May help burn fat, aid digestion, lower cholesterol, and reduce risk of stroke and heart attack.

Black Tea:
May help maintain normal blood pressure, improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of stroke.

Pu-erh Tea:
May help lower high blood pressure and sugar, burn fat, boost metabolism, remove toxins & prevent cardiovascular disease.

Rooibos Tea:
Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen agent. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. May help relieve nervous tension.

Herbal Tea:
May relieve stress and tension, relax nerves, promote restful sleep & enhance memory retention.

Fruit Tea:
Rich in vitamins, boosts the immune system & promotes overall health. Provides a healthy alternative to soda, making it great for kids.

All health information is based on traditional Chinese medicine. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
How do you care for your tea pot or tea accessories?
  For porcelain, glass, and clay, please avoid using soap or dish detergent. If there is a stain, scrubbing it gently with salt will do. Please avoid using the dishwasher and putting tea pots on direct heat or in the microwave.
How long can I keep tea for?
  Tea tastes freshest when used within 6 months of purchasing, with the exception of Pu-erh tea which is a fermented tea that tastes better the longer it is kept.  In order to keep your tea as fresh as possible, keep it out of light, away from moisture, and store it in an air-tight container.
How much does 1 ounce of tea make?
  One ounce of loose tea can make approximately 8-10 cups of tea. Fortunately, due to the high quality of our teas you can re-steep the tea 2-3 times after the first use.

Is there a special method for preparing iced tea?

There are two different ways to prepare iced tea:

1)    Steep 1 teaspoon of your tea in 4 oz. of boiling water and prepare it normally. Fill up your cup with ice and pour in the hot tea, swirling gently to combine.

2)    Combine 8 oz. (1 cup) of cold water with 1 teaspoon of loose tea and place it in the refrigerator for 4+ hours or even overnight.  TIP: If you like your tea sweetened, dissolve your sweetener in warm or hot water and add that to our tea before you put it in your refrigerator.

Is there any allergen information for your tea?
  Some of our teas do contain nuts, chocolate, or milk. This is indicated in the description of that specific tea.
Is your tea certified organic?
  Teas that are certified organic will be specified for that particular tea.
Tea Steeping Guide
tea steeping guide

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