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Almondine Rooibos Almondine Rooibos 杏仁如意波斯

Sweet and smooth with a decedent hint of cinnamon, this rooibos blend is the perfect caffeine free way to start your day!

Our Price: $7.98
Cinnamon Honeysuckle 桂皮金银花 Cinnamon Honeysuckle 桂皮金银花

Our Cinnamon Honeysuckle rooibos compliments the warmth of cinnamon with the light floral aroma of honeysuckle and osthmanthus.

Our Price: $9.98

Pecan Cinnamon Roll Pecan Cinnamon Roll ( Seasonal Tea )

Sweet cinnamon is the star in this rooibos blend that tastes too sweet to be true. Pecans and herbs are also included to add more depth to the flavor.

Our Price: $10.98

Apple Nut Crisp 核桃苹果水果茶 Apple Nut Crisp 核桃苹果水果茶

Cozy up with all the favorite flavors of grandmas hot apple pie without all the calories! Enjoy our new Apple Nut Crisp tea!

Our Price: $10.98

Vanilla Cream Chai Vanilla Cream Chai 香草玉脂茶

A bold and spicy caffeine free chai that's sure to astound newcomers and seasoned chai drinkers alike.

Our Price: $11.98

Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Spice 南瓜辛茶

Warm spices and savory pumpkin make for a perfectly delicious combinations!

Our Price: $11.98

Caramel Cider Chai Caramel Cider Chai 焦糖苹果

A house blend chai with masala spices, apple, and caramel. A tea for those that prefer a sweeter chai.

Our Price: $14.98