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Gummy Bear Gentle Sleep Natural Serenity
Gummi Bear
Our Price: $9.90

Gentle Sleep 安眠养神茶
Our Price: $9.98

Natural Serenity
Our Price: $10.98

Made with real gummy bears, this is one of our most popular teas amongst customers with small children. They love the sweet taste of apple and lemongrass, and their parents love that it's completely caffeine-free. Try some today and feel like a kid again! A calming chamomile blend with a sweet, honey-like character and a hint of mint, blended to relax and refresh. Fruity and smooth, this blend of rooibos, Chinese jiao gu lan, peaches, and strawberries is sure to please.
Twelfth Night Golden Mango Oolong
Twelfth Night
Our Price: $12.98

Bamboo Glass Travel Mug
Our Price: $20.00
This tribute to The Immortal Bard is a house blending of black and white tea sweetened with caramel. This house blend is a mix of toasted oolong, sweet mango, orange. If you love fruit, or mango, this tea is not to be missed.

Need tea on the go? This 16 oz. tea tumbler lets you steep tea throughout the day, so you're never without a faithful cup.
Organic Matcha Sachet Blue Sea Travel Mug
Ceremonial Grade Matcha 抹茶
Our Price: $24.99

Travel Mug (BPA FREE)
Our Price: $28.95

Steamed and stone ground high grade Japanese green tea. A Japanese classic. Enjoy drinking fresh, loose-leaf tea anytime, anywhere! Steep your favorite teas in this easy-to-use 3 piece travel mug.