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Matcha Teaspoon Matcha Tea Spoon

This spoon is ideal for measuring out the precise amount of powdered matcha needed for a 16 oz. cup of tea. Eliminate the guesswork with our Matcha Teaspoon!

: $4.98
Perfect Tea Spoon Perfect Tea Spoon

This handsome teaspoon is perfect for anyone in need of a good teaspoon.

: $4.99

Tea Tin Tea Tin

This tin is the perfect storage unit for any of your tea.

: $4.99
Christmas Tea Balls Christmas Tea Balls

This Christmas themed tea strainer is the perfect gift for the holiday season!

: $4.99
Mesh Tea Ball Tea Ball

Easily steep your tea leaves in our mesh tea ball strainer!

: $5.95
Honey Tea Spoon Honey Tea Spoon

This teaspoon will measure out the perfect amount of honey, or any other sweetener, to you cup of tea.

: $6.50

Bamboo Tea Strainer Bamboo Tea Strainer

Stainless-steel strainer with bamboo handle. Fits cups, mugs and teapots. (2 5/8" diameter x 2" high)

: $7.99

Chinese Character Mug Chinese Character Mug

This unique Chinese mug features beautiful characters and advice on how to live a more fulfilling life!

: $9.99
Bamboo Matcha Whisk Bamboo Matcha Whisk

This authentic Japanese bamboo whisk is perfect for stirring matcha powder into water.

: $14.99

Herb Tea Mug (out of stock ) Herb Tea Mug (out of stock )

This herb mug comes with a lid and metal filter. The perfect way to have a single cup of loose leaf tea.
Volume approx 0.35L. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

: $14.99
Simple Brew Glass Teapot with Built-in Strainer 14/oz Simple Brew Glass Teapot with Built-in Strainer 14/oz

Equipped with a stainless steel strainer lid, this Simple Brew is suitable for all Loose Leaf Tea.

: $19.99

Romance Glass Tea Warmer Romance Glass Tea Warmer

Combining functionality and beauty, this glass warmer provides the perfect addition to your tea ware collection.

: $22.99

"Cut Companion" Tea Mug "Cut Companion" Tea Mug

These cute animal tea mugs are an essential addition to any tea lover's mug collection. It even comes with a matching spoon. Order yours today!

: $24.99
Sitka Teapot 12oz Sitka Teapot 12oz

Temperature-resistant glass can hold boiling water or be stored in the fridge for cold-brewing tea.

: $26.98
Matcha Gift Set Matcha Gift Set

This gift set features everything you need to dive into the world of matcha

: $26.99
Blue Sea Travel Mug Travel Mug (BPA FREE)

Enjoy drinking fresh, loose-leaf tea anytime, anywhere! Steep your favorite teas in this easy-to-use 3 piece travel mug.

: $28.95

Simple Brew Glass Teapot with Build-in Strainer  32 oz Simple Brew Glass Teapot with Build-in Strainer 32 oz

This 32oz glass teapot has a build-in strainer on top, just drop tea leaves into the bottom of the teapot, pour water and cover the strainer top. The mesh strainer top blocks tea leaves coming out while pouring. It's easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe.
Dimensions: 8.75"H X 4.5"W.

: $29.99
Signature Travel Mug Signature Travel Mug

Signature 14oz BPA-free Travel Mug

: $33.99
Stainless Steel Mug Signature Stainless Steel Mug Signature

This 16 oz Loose Leaf Tea Mug comes with a double-walled stainless steel body, capable of keeping you hot or cold beverage insulated for up to 20 hours.

: $34.99
Multi-functional Glass Travel Mug Multi-functional Glass Travel Mug

Double walled glass mug.

: $34.99