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Sweet Mountain Dew (1st Flush Spring Tea) Sweet Mountain Dew (1st Flush Spring Tea)

Try our new premium tea, Sweet Mountain Dew!

: $2.99

Dragonwell Dragonwell (1st Flush Spring Green Tea)

Hand picked and wok fried, this Spring green tea long jing is not to be missed.

: $8.99

Orchid Oolong (hand-crafted, 100% natural) Orchid Oolong (hand-crafted, 100% natural)

Premium Oolong Tea, Hand-crafted, Orchid aroma, multiple steeping, tradition Chinese Oolong tea,

: $13.99

Asian Apple ( 1st flush green tea blend ) Asian Apple ( 1st flush green tea blend )

Cozy up with our new blend of Apple nut Crisp & Dragonwell!

: $14.98

Silver Needle Silver Needle 白毫银针

Bai Hao Yinzhen white tea leaves, delicate in taste and aroma.

: $20.98

Buddha's Favor Buddha's Favor 铁观音 - Temporarily Out Of Stock

High quality hand rolled green oolong with a light floral taste similar to orchids.

: $24.98

Green tea, loose tea, first flush, premium tea, high quality tea Snow Jasmine 1st flush 碧潭飄雪 ( Rich in Antioxidants. Owner's recommendation)

Snow Jasmine is a high-quality green tea infused with Chinese Jasmine blossoms.

: $24.98

Organic Matcha Organic Matcha

Steamed and stone ground high grade Japanese green tea. A Japanese classic.

: $24.99

Phoenix Oolong Phoenix Oolong 凤凰单枞 ( winter harvest, Limited Edition) Out of stock

Very high grade hand rolled Chinese green oolong. The flavor and aroma vary with harvest, as the leaves take in the aroma of their surroundings.

: $29.98

Red Jade Premium Black Tea Red Jade 红玉

A superior-grade artisanal Black Tea from the Sun Moon Lake region of Taiwan

: $34.99