Iced & Hot Teas

We can make any tea in store either iced or hot!
Choose a tea flavor and one of our skilled tea-makers can steep you a perfect cup in less than 5 minutes.

Our Favorite Hot Tea Selections:
Emperor's Pu-erh
Blueberry Silver
Gentle Sleep
Jasmine Silver Needle

Our Favorite Iced Tea Selections:
Blackberry Oolong
Starfruit Green
Pink Cherry Cider
Ginger Lime

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea, invented in 1980's Taiwan, has gained great popularity in the US over the past few years.
Here, at the Green Teahouse, we can take any tea in the store and add any bubble flavor of your choice right on top!
We have two basic type of bubbles: chewy tapioca and fruity "bursting-bubbles", which burst in your mouth as you chew.
Still confused about what bubble tea is?
Click here to learn more!

Our Favorite Teas to pair with Tapioca Bubbles:
Twelfth Night
Emperor's Pu-erh
Caramel Cider Chai

Our Favorites to Pair with Bursting Bubbles:
Strawberry Slim Pu-erh
Sweet Watermelon
Golden Mango

Tea Latte

Just add frothed milk to a freshly-steeped cup of hot or iced tea and you have yourself a delicious and soothing tea latte!
Choose any tea and pair it with either whole, skim, coconut, or soy milk, for a seemingly indulgent yet healthy treat!

Our Favorite Latte Flavors:
Vanilla Creme Chai
Twelfth Night
Cocoa Pu-erh
Cream Earl Grey Princess

Tea Slushie

Ever tried a Slushie made out of tea?
We steep tea in a small amount of hot water, sweeten with honey, then blend it with ice until it becomes an icy, refreshing treat, perfect for a hot summer day!
We top our Slushies with a scoop of any bubbles to make it an even more interesting experience!

Our Favorite Slushie Flavors:
Shanghai Sunset
Gummi Bear
Black Currant Green
Crimson Rain

Tea Smoothies

Yes, here at the Green Teahouse we also make smoothies using tea!
Our most popular include our Matcha Smoothie (above left), Sesame Smoothie (above right), and Chia-Chai Smoothie!
The basic recipe consists of freshly steeped tea, organic banana, and honey, however we can also add sesame or chia seeds for an extra nutritional boost.

Our Favorite Smoothie Flavors:
Organic Matcha
Raspberry Matcha
Masala Chai
Caramel Rooibos