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Classic Pu-erh Emperor's Pu-erh Ginger Pu-erh
Classic Pu-erh
: $14.98

Emperor's Pu-erh
: $16.98

Our top-grade dark Pu-erh has an espresso-like character, a smooth body and a robust, molasses-like finish. A wonderfully crafted organic blend of aromatic hibiscus, currants, and delicious licorice root. A rapidly growing favorite among our regular tea drinkers.
A hot and spicy blend of pu-erh tea, ginger, and goji berries that's sure to please any lover of spice.
Raspberry Pu-erh Black Pu-erh Raindrops Strawberry Slim Pu-erh
Pu-erh Raindrops
: $14.99

This house blend combines a 2008 cooked Pu-erh with Chinese green tea and raspberries. Rich and fruity with a full body. Harvested in 2007 from a antique tea trees in China Yunnan Province. This dark Pu-erh has a deep and clear red infusions that are full of flavor and wonderful energy. For strawberry lovers, this is the perfect tea experience: rich strawberry flavor, naturally sweet and revitalizing.

Cocoa Pu-erh Organic Puerh Mini Brick
Cocoa Pu-erh
: $16.98

Indulge in this rich, deeply decadent chocolate tea. This is a fully-fermented 2009 pu-erh brick from Southwest China, compressed for storage and collective purposes. Break off a piece of the brick (about a teaspoon's worth per 8 oz. of water), drop it into boiling water, and watch as the leaves expand to create a robust and dark cup of pu-erh tea!