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Buddha's Favor Golden Mango Oolong Phoenix Oolong
High quality hand rolled green oolong with a light floral taste similar to orchids. This house blend is a mix of toasted oolong, sweet mango, orange. If you love fruit, or mango, this tea is not to be missed.

Premium Chinese tea specially harvested from tea trees, some over 600 years old
Blackberry Oolong Strawberry Rosé (Natural ingredients, Non-GMO/ Dairy-Free/ contains no gluten) Orchid Oolong  Temporary Out of Stock ! (Helps to burn body fat, boosts metabolism & digestion, hand-crafted, 100% natural)
Blackberry Oolong
: $16.98

This deliciously fruity, full-bodied infusion steeps to a beautiful ruby-red; rich and satisfying served hot, refreshing and delightful iced!

A sweet & decadent mélange of strawberries, rose buds, and oolong. The perfect drink for a romantic evening in! Add frothed milk or wippted cream in to make a sweet/rosey latte :) Premium Oolong Tea, Hand-crafted, Orchid aroma, multiple steeping, tradition Chinese Oolong tea,
Milk Oolong (None GMO, may help lose weight & burns belly fat)
Handcrafted premium Oolong tea. Contains milk flavor.