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Tangerine Ginger Peppermint Gentle Sleep
The mouth-puckering tartness of hibiscus and schizandra berries is added to spicy ginger and orange peel for an invigorating cup of tea with a deep red color. Peppermint soothes the digestive system and, according to herbalists, promotes focus and clear thinking. A calming chamomile blend with a sweet, honey-like character and a hint of mint, blended to relax and refresh.
Cinnamon Honeysuckle 桂皮金银花 - Out of Stock Caramel Mint 焦糖薄荷如意波斯茶 Sapphire Cider ( one of our most popular teas)
Our Cinnamon Honeysuckle rooibos compliments the warmth of cinnamon with the light floral aroma of honeysuckle and osthmanthus. A sweet, creamy, and refreshing blend of rooibos, caramel pieces, and peppermint! Perfect with a splash of milk or just by itself for a delicious and soothing after-dinner treat! An organic sweet-tart blend of cherries, apple and a hint of coconut. Blue Pea flower lends a note of natural eathiness and gives your infusion an amazing azure color.

Add a squeeze of lemon to your steeped tea and watch its color change to beautiful shades of blue!

Pair with Snow Jasmine Green Tea for a boost in your immune system and skin reguvination