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Starfruit Green Jade Green Coconut Spring Green Tea
Starfruit Green 杨桃碧茶
Our Price: $11.68

Matcha Jade Green 碧玉
Our Price: $25.90

Coconut Spring 椰片春茶
Our Price: $12.98

Very fragrant and sweet, this tropical blend is perfect for summer. Two high grade Japanese teas combine to form this flavorful and vibrant tea. This sweet and creamy house blend perfectly captures the flavor of coconut and makes excellent iced tea.
Gunpowder Green Tea Sampler Pack Organic Matcha Sachet
Our Price: $9.90

Green Tea Sampler Pack
Our Price: $9.99

Ceremonial Grade Matcha 抹茶
Our Price: $24.99

Named for its appearance this hand rolled Chinese green tea is wonderful to watch unravel while steeping. Green tea has plenty of vitamins & minerals, as well as a high concentration of antioxidants - great for your immune system and overall health! Steamed and stone ground high grade Japanese green tea. A Japanese classic.
Dragonwell Raspberry Matcha
Raspberry Matcha 红梅抹茶
Our Price: $24.99

Snow Jasmine 碧潭飄雪
Our Price: $24.98

Hand picked and wok fried, this Spring 2017 long jing is not to be missed. High-grade matcha infused with natural raspberry flavor. Snow Jasmine is a high-quality green tea infused with Chinese Jasmine blossoms.