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Red Bird Travel Mug
Put a little zip in your step with our new Cherry Zinger tea. It's loaded with an array of delightful flavors including cherry, hibiscus, elderberry, banana, lemon and black courant. Brew loose leaf tea on the run with this easy-to-use 3 piece travel mug.
Mug, infuser and lid screw together to make brewing and cleaning a snap.
Keeps tea hot and hands cool.
This traveler includes:
-12.85 oz. BPA Free
-Stainless steel screw-on tea strainer
-Water tight lid
-Dimensions: 2.25" x 7.25" (h)
Tip: Make tea
the Chinese way by refilling your mug when you're almost done and letting the tea re-steep! Steeping the leaves in a small amount of water will make the tea at the bottom too strong, and the next cup too weak. Adding water to your leaves regularly will give you a smoother flavor transition.
Pink Cherry Cider
Pink Cherry Cider
Our Price: $14.50

Apple Nut Crisp
Our Price: $7.99

This sweet and sour mix of aromatic fruits uniquely blended with freshly-harvested, premium white tea will harken you to embrace this twist on traditional cider. Cozy up with all the favorite flavors of grandmas hot apple pie without all the calories! Enjoy our new Apple Nut Crisp tea!
Dragonwell Buddha's Favor
Buddha's Favor 铁观音
Our Price: $12.50

Hand picked and wok fried, this Spring 2015 long jing is not to be missed. High quality hand rolled green oolong with a light floral taste similar to orchids.

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