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Caramel Mint 焦糖薄荷如意波斯茶 Szechuan Spice Strawberry Rosé (Natural ingredients, Non-GMO/ Dairy-Free/ contains no gluten)
Szechuan Spice
: $11.98

A sweet, creamy, and refreshing blend of rooibos, caramel pieces, and peppermint! Perfect with a splash of milk or just by itself for a delicious and soothing after-dinner treat! Feeling adventurous? Try our new Szechuan Spice, a spicy and exotic blend of chilli peppers, carrots, apple, and lemongrass! A sweet & decadent mélange of strawberries, rose buds, and oolong. The perfect drink for a romantic evening in! Add frothed milk or wippted cream in to make a sweet/rosey latte :)
Pink Cherry Cider Starfruit Green Twelfth Night
This sweet and sour mix of aromatic fruits uniquely blended with freshly-harvested, premium white tea will harken you to embrace this twist on traditional cider. Very fragrant and sweet, this tropical blend is perfect for summer. This tribute to The Immortal Bard is a house blending of black and white tea sweetened with caramel.
Coconut Spring Green Tea Caramel Cider Chai Strawberry Slim Pu-erh
This sweet and creamy house blend perfectly captures the flavor of coconut and makes excellent iced tea. A house blend chai with masala spices, apple, and caramel. A tea for those that prefer a sweeter chai. For strawberry lovers, this is the perfect tea experience: rich strawberry flavor, naturally sweet and revitalizing.

Caramel Rooibos Golden Mango Oolong Cinnamon Honeysuckle 桂皮金银花
Sweet and smooth with hints of vanilla this rooibos blend is excellent as a hot dessert. This house blend is a mix of toasted oolong, sweet mango, orange. If you love fruit, or mango, this tea is not to be missed.

Our Cinnamon Honeysuckle rooibos compliments the warmth of cinnamon with the light floral aroma of honeysuckle and osthmanthus.
White tea Apple Nut Crisp 核桃苹果水果茶
Put a little zip in your step with our new Cherry Zinger tea. It's loaded with an array of delightful flavors including cherry, hibiscus, elderberry, banana, lemon and black courant. Cozy up with all the favorite flavors of grandmas hot apple pie without all the calories! Enjoy our new Apple Nut Crisp tea!