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Caramel Cider Chai Creme Earl Grey Princess Twelfth Night
Caramel Cider Chai 焦糖苹果
Our Price: $14.98

A house blend chai with masala spices, apple, and caramel. A tea for those that prefer a sweeter chai. Classic Earl Grey tea with a touch of vanilla that creates a sweeter and smoother flavor than the original. This tribute to The Immortal Bard is a house blending of black and white tea sweetened with caramel.
English Breakfast Masala Chai Organic Keemun
Masala Chai 马莎拉茶
Our Price: $11.98

Classic English black tea, a perfect start to your day. Traditional Indian Chai tea blend, spicy, sweet, and delicious. For English Breakfast purists interested in breaking the norm.
Black Tea Sampler Pack Pineapple Coconut Black Tea Red Jade Premium Black Tea
Black Tea Sampler Pack
Our Price: $14.98
Red Jade 红玉
Our Price: $24.99

Black Tea has been a favorite choice of tea drinkers for centuries with its classic, robust infusions and wide variety of tastes. Like a breeze sweeping through the tropics, this Caribbean - inspired
tea will refresh and delight your senses

A superior-grade artisanal Black Tea from the Sun Moon Lake region of Taiwan